Code of Conduct

Grade 8 – 12

  1. 1. Aims
  • To ensure that there is order and discipline in the school.
  • To inform learners of the way they should conduct themselves at school, in preparation for their conduct and safety in civil society.
  • To set a standard of moral behavior for learners and equip them with the expertise, knowledge and skills that would be expected to evince as worthy, responsible citizens to place focus on positive discipline, it must be punitive and punishment orientated but primarily facilitate constructive learning and instill moral values.  Self-discipline and exemplary conduct should be further promoted.
  • This Code of Conduct is enforceable against all learners and nothing shall exempt a learner from complying with it.
  • All parents/guardians, students, staff members and notable students must familiarize themselves with this Code of Conduct.  A positive attitude and spirit of co-operation will enable ELITE COLLEGE to function successfully.
  • This Code of Conduct is applicable for the time during which the learner is in attendance at the school, any classroom, school function, excursion or any other school related activities where the learner represents ELITE COLLEGE.
  • Where reasonable suspension and sufficient information exist a search of any learner or his/her property for :
    • Dangerous weapons
    • Fire arm
    • Drugs or any illegal substances
    • Pornographic material

may be conducted.

  1. 2.                General Rules

2.1              Punctuality

  • School starts at 07:45 am sharp.  The school urges parents to ensure that the students arrive on time.
  • When a student arrives late he/she must report to register teacher and a demerit will be allocated to the learner on SASAMS.

2.2              Homework

  • Homework must be taken seriously.
  • No marks will be given for work not handed in after extended opportunities.  The learner will sign the letter of notification.
  • Work left at home is considered not done.
  • In the case where personal circumstances prevent the completion of homework, a letter should be addressed to the principal.
  • It is the student’s own responsibility to catch up work that was missed due to being absent.

2.3              School attendance

  • Absence from school without permission is a serious offence.  Students are not allowed to leave any classroom without permission.
  • When a student is unable to attend school a parent/guardian should contact the school.
  • A doctor’s letter is required if a student is absent from a test/examination.  If a student fails to hand in a doctor’s letter he/she will receive a zero mark for the test/exam.  Appointments to see medical practitioners should not be made during school hours unless it is an emergency.
  • Permission to leave the school property before 14:00 can only be given by the principal.  In the case where the principal gives permission, the student will only be allowed to leave early in the care of a parent/guardian.

2.4              College property and terrain

  • Where self-respect exists there is self discipline and respect in all areas.
  • School property and that of other students and teachers should be respected.
  • Vandalism of walls, desks, chairs or any other school property is strongly prohibited.
  • Toilet facilities must be kept clean, taps should be closed after use and NOTHING else should be flushed down the toilet.  Sanitary towels and tampons should be placed in the bin provided.
  • No papers and/food should be left on the quad or other places where the students sit during break.  Bins are placed all over the school ground.  If the school grounds are not clean the learners will clean under guidance of RCL and teachers on duty.
  • Students are not allowed to go anywhere near the teachers’ cars.

2.5              Illegal/prohibited substances and dangerous weapons

  • Any drugs, chemicals, alcohol, matches, lighters, fireworks, explosives, weapons and obscene material are prohibited from entering the school grounds.
  • When any suspicion arises regarding any of the abovementioned articles, the college reserves the right to randomly search students’ bags and/or person.
  • If any evidence or suspicion exists regarding the use of any prohibited substances/drugs, the college reserves the right to conduct a substance abuse test under parental supervision.
  • Cell phones must not be heard or seen during class time or they will be confiscated.  Cell phones must be sealed in a labeled envelope and stored in the safe.  The cell phone can only be given back to the learner after the parents phoned the school.

2.6              Theft

  • If a student is in possession of any other student or teacher’s property without their permission, it is regarded as theft, which is severely punishable.
  • The school cannot be held responsible for any loss suffered, therefore students are not allowed to bring any valuables to school, their property should be clearly marked and their school bags should always be in sight.
  • Learners may not hide any other person’s belongings as this will also be regarded as theft.
  • If a learner is caught for theft, the parents must come in to see the principal and the parent committee will decide on suspension or not.
  1. 3.                School uniform

3.1              Boys

School uniform – winter and summer Hair and accessories
 Black lace-up shoes  Hair must be clean and tidy
 Grey trousers or shorts No hair colouring
 Red tie  If hair touches the collar it should be tied up
 White shirt (long/short sleeved)  Fringes may not touch the eyebrows or eyes
 Red school cap Only a watch and medical bracelet may be worn
 School jersey with red stripes (long/short sleeved) Nails must be clean and short
Grey socks with red stripes No unorthodox hairstyles
Red dri-mac with school crest
Red blazer
Grey beanie with “Elite College” embroidery
Grade 12 has red jersey  


3.2              Girls

School uniform – winter and summer Hair and accessories
Grey trousers/skirt – not shorter than 10 cm above the knee when   kneeling  No hair colouring
Grade 12 girls have special skirts and red jerseys If hair touches the collar it should be tied up
White shirt (long/short sleeved) Fringes may not touch the eyebrows or eyes
Red school cap Only red, grey, white, black hair accessories allowed
School jersey with red stripes (long/short sleeved Girls are allowed to wear black tights
Grey socks with red stripes – knee high Only a watch and medical bracelet may be worn
Grey beanie with “Elite College” embroidery Nails must be clean, neat and no longer than the fingertips.
Red dri-mac with school crest One pair of earrings allowed, sleeper or
Red tie No unorthodox hairstyles
Black lace-up shoes Hair must be clean and tidy
Red blazer No coloured nail polish allowed.
White ankle socks (summer)


v School wear available from Boundary Silk Bazaar, 10 Voortrekker Road, Kempton Park

v Dri-macs, Caps and Beanies available from the school.

  1. 4.                General behaviour
  • Students may not be in the school building before school or during break, unless it is raining.
  • If a student has to do work in class during break, a teacher must accompany him/her.
  • Any violence, fighting and bullying will not be tolerated on school property and will be severely punished.
  • Students are not allowed to enter the staff room, kitchen or photocopy room (safe).
  • Students are not allowed to enter the principal’s office unless it is in the principal’s presence.
  • It is expected of the learners to behave politely and treat others courteously at all times.
  • Each learner and staff member’s privacy and dignity must be respected.
  • Remarks, interruption or noise during assembly and class will not be tolerated.
  • Cheekiness and back chatting will not be put up with.
  • No blasphemy, vulgar words, insults, pestering, intimidation and discrimination is allowed.
  • Physical contact between students is prohibited.
  • Physical contact between a student and teacher is also prohibited.
  • RCL members are an extension of the teachers and therefore students should obey them accordingly.
  • During detention students are not allowed to talk or walk around.  Students should do homework or read.
  • Students may not leave the detention class before the hour is up, otherwise another hour of detention will be given.
  • Demerits will be allocated according to SASAMS (see printout)
  1. 5.                Examination Rules
  • Students are not allowed to talk during a test or examination.
  • Students are not allowed to walk around during the examination and should stay seated at his/her allocated seat.  No changing of seats allowed.
  • Students may not ask assistance from the invigilator nor attempt to gain help from any source whatsoever, this will be regarded as an irregularity.
  • No student will be allowed to leave the examination room, not even to go to the toilet, unless it is an emergency.
  • Students may not take the question papers and should make sure that it is handed in, together with their answer books.
  • Should a student miss an exam/test due to illness, a doctor’s letter should be sent to school.
  • The following are not allowed in the examination room:

Cell phones, walkmans, books, dictionaries, notes, sketches or papers.

  • Only official examination material will be allowed – pens, pencils, ruler, eraser, non-programmable calculator, etc. which is kept in a transparent container.
  • Borrowing is forbidden.









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