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We the undersigned____________________________________________________________

Hereby certify that the information given by us on this application is complete and accurate.


·         We accept that the school is based on Christian principals and undertake not to undermine this position

·         We accept joint and several liabilities to ELITE COLLEGE for due and punctual payment of all fees, subscription or other amounts which may become due and payable to ELITE COLLEGE or in respect of participation in or attendance of any extracurricular activity.

·         We have read the Code of Conduct and Substance Abuse Policy and will abide by the rules at the school, according to the conditions laid down within.

·         We agree to the conditions as set out below.

1.      These conditions of acceptance form the basis of an agreement between the school, ELITE COLLEGE, and the parent or guardian.

2.      School fees are payable in advance by the parents on or before the third of the month.

3.      A parent wishing to withdraw a learner from the school must give written notice to the principal.

4.      Non-attendance at school without the school’s permission and without a proper medical certificate will render the learner liable for dismissal from school.

5.      All learners, unless a specific objection is made and accepted by the Principal, attend classes on sex education and alcohol-and drug-abuse.

6.      The learner shall at all times be subject to the rules of the school. The parents acknowledge that they are aware of the provision of all such rules. The school shall have the right, at its sole discretion, to amend any such rules of the school from time to time.

7.      Parents hereby give the school permission to conduct a drug tests on their son/daughter if there is suspicion of use in accordance with the school’s “Substance Abuse Policy”.

8.      It is recorded and agreed that the principal is empowered to suspend any learner for any cause judged by him to be sufficient.

9.      The principal is authorized and empowered to act in loco parentis in the respect of the learner, when specific authority cannot be reasonably be sought in time, including but not limited to, giving consent for any medical treatment or medical operation which to the opinion of the Principal is necessary .

10.  The parents are advised to take adequate insurance to cover any loss or damage to any property of the learners or parents, as the school will not be liable for any such or damage.

11.  The school will not be liable to compensate the parents of a learner for any injuries suffered by the learner, or for the death of a learner at any time, but not limited to, whilst on the school premises, or whilst the leaner is engage in school sports or other activities or whilst the learner is being transported by or on behalf of the school to and from any place, and however such injury or death may be caused, including but not limited to, injury or death caused by the negligence of teachers, other employees or any other learner of the school, and parents waive any claim which they might otherwise have had against the school for such compensation, and the parents furthermore indemnify and hold the school harmless against any claim brought against it in respect of such compensation. The parents acknowledge that they have been advised to take adequate insurance for such compensation.

12.  The parents consent to the jurisdiction of the Magistrate’s Court Act NO32 of 1994, should the unfortunate situation arise whereby legal action is necessary.


The School herewith undertakes to educate the learner to the best of our ability and accepted standards, if for any unforeseen circumstances this cannot be done, the school will resolve the problem without any disadvantage to the learner.



_____________________________                                      ___________________________

Farther/ Guardian 1                                                                Date



_____________________________                                      ___________________________

Mother/ Guardian 2                                                               Date



____________________________                                        ___________________________

Learner                                                                                   Date



_____________________________                                      ___________________________

School representative                                                             Date

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